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CUSTOM Vinyl Wraps

NextGen Automotive provides high-quality vinyl wraps that serve as a long-lasting, cost-effective substitute to traditional paint jobs. Choose from a wide range of textures, finishes, and colors to personalize your vehicle to your heart’s content. Our vinyl wraps protect your car’s original paint, making it a luxurious and customized experience. Transform your car with our vinyl wraps today.


NextGen provides Paint Protection Film services to safeguard your car from scratches, chips, and damage with up to 8mm thick, self-healing protection. Choose from either our Front-End Protection Package or Full Car Protection, and maintain your vehicle’s beautiful appearance. Drive confident with NextGen’s custom protection packages.


Unlock your vehicle’s true potential with NextGen’s Tuning & Performance Service. Our technicians optimize horsepower, torque, and fuel efficiency through tailored tuning stages. Experience increased acceleration, improved fuel economy, and enhanced drivability. Trust our skilled technicians to evaluate your vehicle and recommend the best tuning options. Transform your ride into a high-performance machine with NextGen today.


Experience the NextGen edge with our superior Window Tinting Services. Choose from a range of tint shades that not only give your vehicle a sleek look but also block 99% of harmful UV rays. Our tints prevent interior fading, maintain a cool cabin in summer, and promise an elevated driving experience. Turn your ride into a private sanctuary with NextGen.


As an authorized dealer for OptiCoat, NextGen Automotive ensures your vehicle’s paint shines like new with our Ceramic Coating service. Including paint correction, our coating makes surfaces hydrophobic, revives your paintwork, and enhances the appearance of vinyl. Experience NextGen’s superior ceramic protection.


NextGen Automotive proudly offers a wide variety of colors for our superior powder coating service. Perfect for refreshing the color of your wheels, this service provides an easy-to-maintain finish that’s more resistant to chipping than regular paint. We can expertly powder coat any metal surface, giving your vehicle an updated, resilient, and stylish look