Become a Certified Vehicle Wrap Expert in Just 4 Days with NextGen Education!

Unlock a lucrative career in vehicle wrapping with NextGen Education's 4-Day Training. Gain expert skills, certification, and a competitive edge in a dynamic industry. Enroll now for a transformative professional journey


what you get

Here’s what you’ll learn in the 4-Day Vehicle Wrap Training Course!

Master Vehicle Wrap Installation

Learn how to install vehicle wraps so that you can transform any vehicle with precision and confidence. Gain hands-on experience in prepping, applying, and finishing wraps like a pro, ensuring you can deliver high-quality results every time.

Become a Certified Wrap Professional

Learn how to navigate the certification process so that you can enhance your credibility and attract more clients. By becoming certified, you demonstrate your commitment and expertise, setting you apart in the competitive field.

Launch or Expand Your Business

Learn how to apply vehicle wrap skills in a business context so that you can start your own venture or add a valuable service to your existing business. This knowledge opens up new revenue streams and opportunities for growth in the auto industry.



Day 1: Introduction to Vehicle Wraps

Dive into the world of vehicle wrapping, understanding the tools, materials, and techniques. You'll learn about vehicle inspection, material selection, and prep work—the foundational skills you need to start any wrap project. This day sets the stage for your success, ensuring you grasp the essentials of vehicle wrap, its market demand, and how it can be a game-changer for your career or business.


Day 2: Hands-On Application Techniques

Get hands-on experience with vehicle wrap application. Learn how to apply wraps to different vehicle sections, mastering techniques for seamless finishes, and avoiding common pitfalls like bubbling and misalignment. This day focuses on practical skills, giving you the confidence to tackle real-world wrap projects with precision and artistry.


Day 3: Advanced Installation and Troubleshooting

Advance your skills with complex wrap applications, including tricky areas like bumpers and door handles. Learn how to approach challenging installation scenarios and troubleshoot common issues. This day is about refining your technique, ensuring you can deliver top-quality results on any vehicle, enhancing your value in the market.


Day 4: Business Development and Certification

Understand how to turn your new skills into business success. Learn about marketing, pricing, and client relations, plus get tips on growing your network within the automotive industry. The day concludes with a certification ceremony, marking your achievement and readiness to excel in the vehicle wrap industry.

About NextGen Education

NextGen Education, powered by the expertise of NextGen Automotive, offers top-tier automotive training, specializing in luxury vehicle customization. Our 4-Day Vehicle Wrap Training is designed for aspiring professionals eager to excel in the automotive industry. Leveraging NextGen Automotive's renowned commitment to excellence and innovation, we provide hands-on learning experiences in state-of-the-art facilities, guided by seasoned experts.

Our training goes beyond technical skills, nurturing a deep appreciation for automotive artistry and customer satisfaction. It's an opportunity to transform your passion for cars into a lucrative career, mastering vehicle wrap techniques that set you apart in the high-end customization market.

Join NextGen Education and accelerate your journey toward becoming a distinguished professional in the automotive customization industry. Embrace a future where your skills define the cutting edge of automotive excellence.

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